Our Cain ancestors arrive in Lambeth (1810-1832)

The earliest ancestors we have discovered so far on the Cain side are Alexander Cane and his wife Jane Kislingbury, and their parents.

Alexander Cane's family

From peaceful Putney to lively Lambeth

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Alexander Cane's family

Alexander was born in December 1807, and six months later his parents Robert and Ann Cane took him to be baptised at the ancient little church of St Mary Putney.

Alexander, son of Robert Cane, Nurseryman, by his wife Ann, born Dec 4th, baptised June 25th

St Mary's Putney in 1824

Robert Cane is described as ‘nurseryman’ or ‘gardener’. As was the custom, Alexander later took on his father’s trade, and worked as a gardener all his life.

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